MetaSpark: Your AI-Driven Productivity Hub

Bring every task from every system in your enterprise into one dashboard automatically. Our AI analyzes everyone’s work, reporting on productivity and goal progress in real-time.

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All-in-One Productivity Hub

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Task Centralization & Streamlining

MetaSpark’s Productivity Hub automatically brings everyone's tasks, from every system, into one screen. Your employees manage all their tasks from a single dashboard. No more work getting lost in the fray of switching between apps.

As they complete their work, our AI analyzes it and generates productivity dashboards. In real-time, you can see which teams and individuals are most productive - and which may need some help. Even for remote employees.

Performance Management

Performance evaluations, driven by data

Performance Management

Don't just set goals and OKRs. Measure them - in real-time. MetaSpark's AI allows you to unearth true performance with live dashboards and analytics. Stop making guesses about performance, and start relying on data.

Performance-Driven Incentives

Align rewards to results

Performance Incentives

Be confident you are rewarding employees who make the biggest impact. MetaSpark matches incentives to performance through our unique "Sparks" system. Employees earn small amounts of Sparks every for completing tasks on time. Over time, Sparks add up to meaningful rewards. Your people can even choose the rewards they want - like gift cards to their favorite store or donations to their favorite charity.

Team Dynamics

Positive, inclusive culture, driven by rich analytics

Performance Incentives

MetaSpark's AI unearths insights about team dynamics across the organization. From engagement to D&I, you'll always know how your company is doing - and where you can improve. You set goals for these areas right in MetaSpark and can track how the company is performing in real-time.

Easy Adoption + Integration

Efficiency and productivity gains from the minute you start

Easy Adoption + Integration

We know that adoption is one of the biggest obstacles to making new software work. So we built MetaSpark from the ground up to be easy to use. Our unique interface is so intuitive, your people can jump right in. No training needed! Your people's workflows are instantly streamlined, while your insights are instantly multiplied.


All your systems, connected


Automatically bring all your employee’s tasks into one screen. And start getting the people analytics and reporting you need. It's all done with our integrations - no data entry required. MetaSpark has 50+ pre-built integrations to make it happen.


Data security you can trust


Don’t sweat for a second about your data’s security. We use industry-leading measures to secure your important information. And, MetaSpark is built on Microsoft Azure, ensuring the most secure infrastructure to keep your data safe.

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