Keep Your Employees Engaged from Anywhere

Managing Teams is challenging, driving outcomes is even harder.  Help your teams stay engaged and never miss a beat with MetaSpark.

MetaSpark eliminates digital distractions, focuses employees on the most important work and outcomes, while providing company-wide insight into employee experience, wellness and engagement.

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1000's trust MetaSpark to drive efficiency, productivity and insight
"MetaSpark is part of our 5 year technology vision plan. Our people save time, miss fewer deadlines and are achieving more, ultimately accelerating the pace at which we do business"
Ara Grigorian | VP - Technicolor
Hear Ara's Experience
"I started my day with MetaSpark and the AI reminder cards were spot on for my followups this morning. I even got an email over the weekend which it surfaced as a to-do.. spot on.. Amazing."
CIO - AM Law 100 Law Firm
"MetaSpark is right in the bullseye and will be for the foreseeable future"
Distinguished Analyst - Gartner

Connect MetaSpark with all the things

Our platform has 1000+ integrations and can easily be configured to connect to any SaaS or on premises system.

Reduce distractions to drive productivity

MetaSpark allows you to complete all your work in a single dashboard. We eliminate the distractions so you can focus on getting more of the work done that matters. Think of it as your own Deep Work OS.

One Screen for All the Work

All the tasks, reminders, and other work is merged into a single streamlined dashboard, automatically – no data entry required.

Measure Outcomes Rather Than Output

We analyze the actual outcomes of your peoples' work toward goals & OKRs, and provide real-time dashboards for visibility.

Reward and Motivate Employees

Reduce attrition with our unique micro-incentive system. Employees are rewarded for all their contributions, increasing motivation and satisfaction.

Manage based on outcomes using real-time dashboards

Start relying on outcomes, rather than output, to manage and evaluate employees. By bringing everyone's work into MetaSpark, you can set goals and measure them in real-time, while aligning them to OKRs.

Set and track goals in real-time

Employees can stay on top of their goals more effectively with MetaSpark. They set realistic goals aligned to company OKRs and are able to view their progress in real-time.

Engage and motivate employees by rewarding them for outcomes

MetaSpark's gamified approach to rewards, using micro-incentives called "Sparks", allows employees to be recognized for contributions while working their way toward large rewards that they can choose.

Connect MetaSpark with all the things

Our platform has 1000+ integrations and can easily be configured to connect to any SaaS or on premises system.

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