Create engaged &
more efficient employees
even when remote

Power up your management team with deep insights and analytics and reward everyone for performance against company goals

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Reduce Chaos. Drive Productivity.

1000's trust MetaSpark to drive efficiency, productivity and insight

The only platform that....

consolidates the thousands of tasks assigned to an employee into a single streamlined page and drives productivity by rewarding employees for performance in realtime.

Every Task in One Place

Whether a contract signature, commitment made via email, expense report or a PO approval your employees complete every action from a single streamlined AI driven dashboard. This is the last pane of glass you'll deploy.

Goal Setting and OKR's

With MetaSpark your corporate goal setting program will achieve new heights! We enable you to set goals at all levels of the organization and track employee attainment directly from the tasks they complete.

Micro-Incentive Driven Workplace

We've pioneered the idea of micro-incentives that employees earn as they complete tasks and achieve the goals the company has assigned to them!

Drive Productivity

Save Employees Time

Today employees spend countless hours traversing systems and completing tasks.

With MetaSpark every day tasks such as expense report reviews, document signatures, employee requisitions, vendor approvals, all of it is completed via our unique application card interface, so you never need to leave the screen to get something accomplished!

Remote Employee Analytics

Remote Workforce

MetaSpark takes advantage of AI and the vast amount of metadata generated through users’ interactions with the platform to increase visibility of remote employee engagement.

Drive Organizational goals

Measure and Achieve

We are pioneering in the organizational key objectives (OKR), space by allowing organizations to define, link and measure the goals they set for employees to employee tasks. This allows the company to measure in real time company wide performance against key objectives.


Connect MetaSpark with all the things

Our platform has over 50 existing integrations and can easily be configured to connect to any SaaS or on premises system.