Streamlining Workflow at Technicolor

Ara Grigorian
Vice President, Information Technology
Ara Grigorian

MetaSpark Case Study: Streamlining Workflow at Technicolor


Technicolor, a leading global provider of creative technology and innovation, needed a way to manage their complex workflow efficiently. With hundreds of tasks, approvals, and emails requiring the attention of their IT department every day, their Vice President of Information Technology sought out a tool to simplify this process.

The Challenge

The IT department was overwhelmed with their daily responsibilities. They had to manually scour through hundreds of tasks, approvals, and emails every day. The situation was not sustainable and was causing a loss in productivity and efficiency.

The Solution

Technicolor's VP of IT turned to MetaSpark, a comprehensive task management solution, to streamline the process. This innovative software provides a single view of all pending tasks, reducing the need for manual tracking and increasing efficiency.


After implementing MetaSpark, Technicolor's IT department experienced a dramatic reduction in the time spent managing tasks and approvals. The Vice President, IT, says, "MetaSpark is one place — a single view of everything I need to do. The first thing I do in the morning is look at what needs my approval and what I need to follow through on."

MetaSpark's user-friendly interface allows the VP of IT to have a clear and concise view of everything that requires their attention. The tool gives a priority listing of pending tasks, enhancing the decision-making process and reducing the time spent on mundane management tasks.


MetaSpark has brought about significant improvements in Technicolor's IT workflow:

  • Efficiency: With MetaSpark, the IT team has seen a significant decrease in time spent on task management, freeing up more time for strategic tasks.
  • Simplicity: MetaSpark has simplified the task approval process. The VP of IT now has a single place to view and manage all tasks requiring their attention.
  • Productivity: By reducing the need for manual tracking and follow-ups, MetaSpark has boosted the overall productivity of Technicolor's IT team.


Technicolor's experience with MetaSpark is a testament to how effectively the software streamlines workflow and increases productivity. With its intuitive interface and prioritization capabilities, MetaSpark has transformed Technicolor's task management process. The VP of IT no longer has to manually sift through hundreds of tasks, approvals, and emails, and can instead focus on more strategic tasks, improving the overall efficiency of the department. Technicolor's case demonstrates how MetaSpark can bring about significant improvements in workflow and productivity for organizations of any size.

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