When you engage the heart, mind and soul, people can achieve anything...

Every morning billions wake up searching for purpose and for something new. We wake up hoping for change, hoping for progress, only to be met with the same issues and routine. Pay gaps, inequality, and other systemic problems limit society's collective progression.

On average, 78% of employees feel unmotivated by the work they do.

It's time for a change, it's time to level the playing field, it's time for us to rethink corporate structures that have not been re-invented since the assembly line and Henry Ford's personal economic efforts.

Through technology and innovation, everyone can succeed; we can bring success and happiness to even the farthest reaches of the world. The inefficiencies and lack of transparency driving most of today's equality and income gaps are resolved by embracing new business models such as gig-work and revolutionary financial models made possible by electronic monetary markets.

Together, we can bring dreams to reality, help employees motivate, focus, and achieve their most significant potential.

MetaSpark was founded by a team of experienced startup leaders. Before starting MetaSpark, we saw the same work routines across companies and industries. The same challenges with pay gaps and inequality. The same unmotivated employees. The same inability to measure much of anything across the chaos of dozens of software platforms. So, we set out to build software to address these problems. The data we needed already lived in existing platforms across the enterprise; it was simply siloed and without context. We just had to build the right tools to plug in, gather, and analyze this data. And thus, MetaSpark was born.

We make your team more efficient & engaged

Productivity starts with a single dashboard. The workplace is being completely disrupted. Remote work. Rewarding results over hours. A genuine focus on diversity and inclusion. The use of software platforms has exploded to support these changes. An average company now uses 120+ distinct platforms – and adds even more platforms every year.

These platforms enable companies and employees to meet their goals. Yet the same platforms also cripple productivity. Today’s employees switch between apps a staggering 1,100 times each day.

With all these other workplace advancements, why are employees still stuck wrangling dozens of disconnected platforms?

No more data entry. No more chaos. No more switching between apps. Just happy, productive employees.

MetaSpark is more than just productivity software. It’s the missing link between all your platforms. It automatically extracts and prioritizes your tasks from everywhere, into a single screen. Turning disconnected platforms into connected, contextual, information rich hub where users can complete tasks, tickets, to-dos, approvals and more...

We make your team more efficient & engaged

Stephen Costigan - CEO - Experienced Startup Leader

We make your team more efficient & engaged

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Our platform has 1000+ integrations and can easily be configured to connect to any SaaS or on premises system.

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